Tropical Island Trails

Experience the most breathtaking view of Grenada from the top of Mt. Maitland. 

Meet in St. George’s and take a short taxi ride to Bonanza Stables in the village of Mardigras. The trail begins with a steady climb into the mountains, where you’ll stop at the top of Mt. Maitland near a cell tower to take pictures of the magnificent view. You’ll see the Caribbean Sea, St. George’s town, the southern coast, and colorful villages from this spectacular vantage point. After descending the mountain, you’ll pass by the serene Magical Pond and enjoy a short ride through the village of Mardigras. Your ride ends back at Bonanza Stables where you can relax and enjoy local fruit from the farm, or the company of some of the other animals residing at Bonanza. 

Total tour time is about 2 hours. It takes approximately 30 minutes to ride up the mountain to the viewpoint. Riders of all skill levels are welcome.

Fort Judy Beach Trail

Enjoy an exciting and challenging ride through different villages down to the beach.

This trail begins at Bonanza Stables, where you will ride through the lovely mountain village of Mardigras. You will then ride down Mt. Gazoo, through various peaceful villages, and end up on the stunning Fort Judy Beach. You can ride along the beach and/or take a rest here before turning around and riding back up through other villages, including St. Paul’s, Westerhall, Hopevale, and Laborie. Throughout the ride, there will be some long stretches where you can gallop on your horse and really have some fun! The ride finishes back at Bonanza Stables where you can relax on the farm and enjoy some refreshments. 

Total tour time is about 4 hours. For experienced riders only.

$100 USD / $250 EC

Town and Pandy Beach Trail

This trail has it all: a ride along a breathtaking beach, through a bustling town, and up to an old fort with unbelievable views.

For the longer trail: You begin your ride at Bonanza Stables and follow the winding roads down the mountain to the beautiful Pandy Beach. Revel in a lovely ride along the beach and through a lagoon area before entering the town of St. George’s. As you pass through St. George’s, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city and say “Hello” to locals. You will then ride up into the mountains again and catch spectacular views from Fort George, then head back to the farm. Relax back at the farm with refreshments and other animals.

For the shorter trail: You begin your ride at Pandy Beach, pass through St. George’s, then end back on the beach to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Total tour time is 2 hours for the short version and 3 hours for the long version. For experienced riders only.

Short: $75 USD / $185 EC

Long: $100 USD / $250 EC

Bonanza Stables

St. George
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Bonanza Stables

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